Friday, December 7, 2007

What the fuckkkk

I`m still Pimp C bitch, so what fuck is up?

Honestly how many are we gonna lose? R.I.P. to Pimp C. Its been like a week since Sean Taylor died and now we lose Pimp C. This is just horrible. Two of my... not necessarily idols, but lets say favorites passed away. Neither of them being that old (Especially Sean Taylor) kills me man. I`ve always liked Bun B more then Pimp C but fuck Pimp C created a sound and style that no one else could, shit without Pimp there probably wouldn`t even be a Bun. The man has made some of the greatest rap songs ever, like his beats just get into my veins sometimes. Its the style that he created that makes me feel good when I`m kinda down or if I`m just straight partying in the summer. I`m gonna be bumping some UGK for a couple days just out of respect.

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