Monday, December 3, 2007


After tonights Monday Night game I actually almost died. I normally don't pay attention to every moment of a football game but I felt like this one was special (although I ended up missing some of the second quarter). That was heart wrenching. You could see the pain and frustration in Baltimore, even desperation. McGahee had a great game, so did Boller and the defense as whole. Maybe if they hadn't had those penalties (and that terrible timeout call) they could of pulled it off. The Ravens really needed this win and they got so close, but pretty faced fagget assed Tom Brady barely hung on. I actually hope he gets a career ending injury... or dies because after this game I can never look at the Patriots the same. Before this I didn't like the Patriots but I didn't hate them either, now I say fuck 'em. If they go undefeated I don't know how I'll handle that, I don't think I can after this.

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