Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Featured Memphis Artist #1 - MC Mack

The first type of music I started with was "Memphis Rap". I didn't start with Tupac, or Wu-Tang, or even anything close to that. Every week I'm going to pick a Memphis rapper, and do a feature on him and/or her. To start this off, I'll start with Mc Mack.
Mc Mack, formerly of Prophet Entertainment, has an amazing flow, he spits some dope shit, and isn't that bad of a producer. He started out with Killa Klan Kaze, consisting of K-Rock, Scan Man and of course Mc Mack. I don't think they released a tape or a album together, but they did release a album under the name "The Kaze" but instead of K-Rock, he was replaced with Project Pat. Mc Mack and Scan Man were released from Prophet Posse when DJ Paul and Juicy J switched to Hypnotize Minds. Mc Mack and Scan Man went on their own, as Kami Kaze Inc. They release some dope shit, but... not all too often. Oh well. Well here is a Mc Mack album for you to check him out.

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