Monday, November 26, 2007

Andre Nickatina kids tell me where yo sister lives

I wasn't sure which artist I should feature first on this blog. I've got too many favorites, but I picked someone a lot of people have not heard. His name is Andre Nickatina, formerly Dre Dog and he's straight outta Frisco. I could give you a synopsis of his life, but thats boring and honestly not needed.

Basically he started off as Dre Dog and dropped the album "The New Jim Jones" (ironically one of the last albums of his I checked) I'm pretty sure he followed that up with I Hate You With A Passion (Don't quote me on that info) and then decided to change his name to Andre Nickatina. Not for any particular reason just because he liked the sound of it. Actually now that I think a little he mentioned another reason or two but finding the interview would prove to be challenging. He's managed to drop 16 albums total (officially atleast) and to be honest there is only one album I really don't listen too which would be Daiquiri Factory Cocaine Raps Vol. 2 even though the album has a couple amazing cuts. Baking Soda in Minnesota anyone? I believe he has done 3 albums with Equipto (another rapper from the bay) all of which are rather good. He has collaborated with some of the best in the bay including Mac Dre & San Quinn. Most of his beats are from what I call a super producer who goes by Nick Peace (this man has made too many hot beats). Nickatina is also a frequent collaborator of Smoov-E. Its a tough decision on which albums I should give to the public. I mean the guy has made some of my favorite songs spread out over 16 albums its a hard choice. I was originally going to go with I Hate You With A Passion and Tears Of A Clown, but I can't find the files for I Hate You With A Passion. I was going to put a link for These R The Tales but the upload failed me 3 times (actually I screwed it up everytime somehow).
Amazing album some of my favorite songs ever (Rap Gods, Last Breath Of An MC, My Rap World)