Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Wu's come through

It seems like only days ago I was wondering when this album was gonna leak and sure enough 2 days later I've got it ripped and on my iPod. I've probably listened to the album about 6 times in the last couple days. I haven't really figured out if I've been to fucked up to properly listen to the album and my opinion is wrong, either that or its amazing; I'm assuming its more or less both. I'll give it a nice breakdown since I've waited so long for this.

Campfire (4/5): Method Man, Ghost, and Cappadonna tear this one to pieces, thats all I can really say. It's a tight beat, but didn't stand a chance against Ghost.Gonna have a ball mind as well pick a testicle.

Take it Back (4.5/5): I wanna give this a 5/5 but theres just something about it that I feel like I've heard this before. Of course everyone destroys this.

Get Them Out Ya Way Pa (3.5/5): When I first heard this I really, really did not like this song, but listening to it again I can change my mind mildly. Method Man just goes all out on this one. Masta Killa also spits pretty fucking dope and I often hate his flow but didn't mind him at all on this. This seems like the type of track that will grow on you as you go.

Rushing Elephants (4/5): I absolutely love this beat; its honestly one of my favorite beats I've heard recently. Raekwon actually somewhat delivers on this track. RZA tears this one up too.

Unpredictable (4/5): I was really close to giving this a 3, but the idea and rapping really makes up for some of the bullshit. There are some pretty random sounds that really didn't need to be included and the chorus is lacking. It feels like it had so much potential, yet it still feels like its been fucked with too much.

The Heart Gently Weeps (5/5): I remember the first time I heard Ghost's verse on this song and my mind just exploded. For what the song is trying to accomplish it does the job well. Method Man and Raekwon both have great verses, but nothing could fuck with Ghost on this.

Wolves (5/5): Easily one of the best songs on the album and in recent years. It sounds so fresh and new. (Something you don't get anymore) And on top of an amazing beat U-God just can't be fucked with, Meth can't be fucked with. Masta Killa doesn't spit on the same tier as them, but that doesn't take anything away from the song although the little breakdown with Masta Killa is a nice little touch itself.

Gun Will Go (4/5): My only problem with this song is the singing on it. A real chilled out, dark beat goes perfectly with Rae's new lazy flow and Meth just flows godly on this. It seems like the type of song I could see myself just going into another world while baked.

Sunlight (5/5): An AMAZING RZA solo. First time I heard it I knew it was the absolute shit. This is my favorite RZA "style" (Laid back, yet still so cool and just dropping bombs of knowledge). His flow and lyrics fit with the song's mood perfectly.

Stick Me For My Riches (3/5): Like a lot of the songs on this album I have no problem with the rappers, but the singing just kills me. I think I might have to cut the singing outof this song if I'm ever gonna listen to it again.

Starter (2/5): I couldn't stand this song at all. It gets a 2 solely because of a few ill lyrics. But aside from that this song should of just been taken off the album.

Windmill (4.5/5): Another dope posse cut. Feels a lot like Take It Back (to me atleast). I already know this is a song that will get a lot of play time. A lot.

Weak Spot (5/5): I'm not gonna lie, when I first heard this on the 8-Diagrams mixtape I almost shit my pants. This is the new Wu I envisioned. RZA just has fire pour out of his mouth his entire verse. Raekwon even tears it and GZA fits perfectly on the song, and the beat breakdown during his verse was just perfection.

Life Changes (5/5): Another song that leaked early that I fell in love with instantly. You can feel everyone's pain in the song. You always hear everyone in Wu talking about how much they loved Dirty but you can really tell how much he meant. A little odd Ghostface didn't have a verse. I guess RZA forgot to tell him. I'm not sure what the Asian dialogue at the end means, but I'd really like to find out.

Tar Pit (3/5): It almost sounds like a throwaway to me. I don't know what to say about this song. Its nothing special and I didn't enjoy it all that much.

16th Chamber (5/5): I found out that this was gonna be on the album ages ago, Aand I remember being so happy that we would get some vintage Wu. I wasn't expecting such low quality though. I mean I was looking forward to some raw shit, not bad sound. Regardless I love the track and I'll be playing it lots.

Final (4.5/5) Although the album has some great tracks, theres just a couple songs that are unlistenable. I'm impressed though I was expecting a few dope tracks and lots of filler but this is actually a great album. I have to say out of everyone Method Man, RZA, and Ghost seem to be spitting the best out of everybody.

I decided I'll even leave a link for everyone although if you can't find the album you best step up your bootleg game. I swear the picture and link weren't stolen. (Just kidding)


What I have to say about this album is, Wu-Tang is no longer for the children. This is an album that won't be recognized in 10 years, it's just another release of 2007. I say this because of lines like "Try and bring the sexyback like Timbaland and Timberlake."
That's not a line that in 10 years you'd be like... "OHHHH SHIIITTT."
To me this album is just.. somewhat disappointing... don't get me wrong, a bunch of dope songs, but it's nothing that flows... more like a mix I would burn or something.

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