Monday, November 26, 2007

Johnson&Jonson - Powder And Oils (Advance) Review


Johnson&Jonson, made up of Blu(rapper of the group Blu & Exile) and producer Mainframe. I've never heard anything of Mainframe's, so here we go....

Intro - Twenty second intro of pretty much nothing.

Get High 3/5 - I really like this beat, nice, mellow, calming beat, something nice to chill to. ALTHOUGH I am really not feeling Blu on this song... WOW I was disappointed, he doesn't come with that really nice smooth flow at all, it feels forced to me.

The Only Way 3.5/5 - I like the sample used on this song, and Blu flows nice on this track, but nothing really standout.

Told Me 4/5 - I am really feeling this song, the hook is catchy, the beat is nice, I like how it switches up during the song. Blu comes nice and smooth and drops some pretty damn good lyrics.

Go For The Gusto Room (feat. BoBo Lamb) 3/5 - I like the tagteam rapping in this, I really like it when Blu does that style of rap, and he does come dope on the song! I'm not really feeling this beat... it's just too busy.

Wow! 4.5/5 - Wow! I'm really feeling this beat, it's sooooooo chiller, it amazes me. Blu rips this song, overall just a great song.

Half a Knot 3.5/5 - Ahh, I'm not too fond of this beat, it's too... distracting... although Blu does sound pretty damn good on this song.

God's In The Building (feat. Miguel Jontel) 3.5/5 - Miguel mostly sings on this song... Blu says a couple words? I don't really love Miguel's style of singing, although it's not as if he sounds bad. I really like this beat, overall, it's a decent song.

Bout It Bout It 5/5 - WOW, I love this song, dope beat, Mainframe and Blu tagteam on this song... and it just sounds amazing...

Look 3/5 - This is an ALRIGHT song, it's nothing standout. The beat is pretty nice, and Blu sounds pretty good on the song, but again... it's nothing standout.

Listen Baby 4/5 - Pretty damn dope instrumental track, I'm definitely feeling this one.

Been Such A Long Time 4/5 - I'm really feeling this song, Blu comes real nice. The sample is very chiller, and so is the beat, I just really like this song, this feels like something that I may be able to half-relate to.

Up All Night 2/5 - EH, I'm not really feeling this song... it doesn't feel neccessary on the album... I'm not feeling the beat too much... nor the chorus... not even Blu's rapping.

Up All Night (Remix) (feat. Cashius King) 3/5 - I really like Cashius King... and at least the beat is different from the original... This remix is a bit better.

La La La 3.5/5 - Hmmm... I am not a big fan of this beat, although I really really love Blu's flow on this song, it's very smooth... overall... a decent song.

Hold On John (feat. John Lennon) 5/5 - I really liked this song... what is there not to like? There's a nice chiller calm beat, and Blu's ripping it apart! Very catchy chorus, it's still stuck in my head. =\

Swear 4.5/5 - It took me a little bit to like this beat, I really didn't like it at first... Blu spits pretty damn dope.
"Marry with a ring, once had a fling with poetry, slowly had to leave her because the beat was taking over me"

Outro 5/5 - Hmm... DOPE SONG, nice way to end an album... DOPE BEAT, and both Mainframe and Blu come nice on the song... overall, just a dope ass song.

Nuts Hang (Bonus Track) 5/5 - Now I thought that this was a really good track... pretty dope beat, and Blu rips it a new asshole! Fucking Rights.

Upside Down Cake (Bonus Track) 4/5 - Pretty damn good beat.

Well, this was a good album, I really want to hear more of Blu, and I wouldn't mind hearing more of Mainframe. His production was pretty nice, and he came with some pretty damn dope beats. The album had some dope songs, some... not so much, and a couple pretty average tracks. Overall, for the album, I think it'd be a solid 4/5.

uploaded by me again ;)


Travis said...

Thanks for this album. Heard about it a while ago and since that Blu & Exile album, knew I had to hear it. Great blog, I'll get you guys linked up in the next couple days.

Josh Timms & Clayton Whelan said...

Thanks man.